You can use the ActiveCampaign integration to find and update your Calendly contacts with ease.

How the integration works 

As you schedule Calendly meetings, Calendly syncs meetings and invitee data to ActiveCampaign. You can connect ActiveCampaign with Calendly to:

  • Map Calendly invitee details and custom questions to custom ActiveCampaign fields.
  • Create separate automations to add contact information to specific lists or segments.
  • Add ActiveCampaign tags to invitees, include contact lists or segments in messaging and campaigns, engage in conversations, and automate related tasks.


As people schedule, new contacts in ActiveCampaign are automatically tagged with:

  • calendly-integration
  • calendly-integration-[event_type_name]

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with Calendly

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • An ActiveCampaign account on any subscription, with one or more customer lists and site tracking enabled
  • A paid Calendly plan
  1. In ActiveCampaign, select Apps on the left.

  2. Select Calendly.

  3. Select Add an account.ActiveCampaign_Add_an_account.png

  4. Select Connect.
  5. In the Select an Event step, under Choose an Event, select the event type you want to set up, then select Continue.

  6. In the Review Objects step, review Calendly Objects, and select Continue.

  7. In the Mapping step, you can map Calendly fields to ActiveCampaign fields. Under Calendly on the left, select a field, then select an ActiveCampaign field on the right. To map additional fields, select + Add field mapping. Once all fields are mapped, select Finish. Here's an example of how you can map fields:

    Calendly field ActiveCampaign field
    email Email
    first name First Name
    last name Last Name
    text reminder number Phone



    ActiveCampaign has four ActiveCampaign contact fields that you can choose from: Email, First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number. To map Calendly fields to other ActiveCampaign fields, you’ll need to first create custom fields in ActiveCampaign. This integration will not automatically create any new fields in your ActiveCampaign account.

The Calendly event is now connected to your ActiveCampaign account, and the integration will appear on your account’s Connected Apps page.


What’s next?

For more details on the ActiveCampaign integration, view ActiveCampaign's documentation

Troubleshooting and feature requests

The ActiveCampaign integration is built and managed by ActiveCampaign. For troubleshooting queries or feature requests, please reach out to ActiveCampaign support. Some topics to note:

Shared event types

Shared event types will not sync over. However, team event types will sync over if you're either:

  • included on the team event (as a Calendly user)
  • a Calendly owner or admin

You can create a team page and add event types to that page, which will sync over. 

Custom fields

If you want to map data to a new ActiveCampaign field (outside of the default options), you'll need to create a custom field in ActiveCampaign before mapping. 

How to disconnect ActiveCampaign from Calendly

  1. In ActiveCampaign, select Apps on the left, then Connected Apps.

  2. Select Calendly.

  3. At Add a new resource, select the dropdown.
  4. Select Disconnect Account.
  5. A confirmation modal window will appear. Select Disconnect to confirm.