Team FAQs

What happens to my billing when I add a new user to my account?

After adding a new user, you will be billed a pro-rated amount for the new seat being added to your account. The amount will depend on the time left on your current billing cycle. If the user has already paid for an annual subscription of their own, the remaining portion will be refunded to them when they join your organization.

I already removed this user from my account. Why am I still being billed?

When a user is added to your account, Calendly creates a seat within your organization for them to occupy. Once that user is removed from your Users Page, their seat still remains. This is meant to assist teams who would like to switch out users without affecting your billing. Visit your Billing page and select Remove Users from the drop-down menu to delete one paid seat from your account.

I pay for the account. Why can’t I change my user’s 1:1 information for them or edit their account in any way?

Owners and Admins can view and edit all users' event types and  as view any scheduled events. However, your Calendly home page will default to your personal event types. To view someone else in your organization, click on  My Calendly button and select a user's name from the drop-down menu.Screen_Shot_2021-08-03_at_12.24.10_PM.png

I’m leaving my current company, and I need someone else to be the Owner. Help?

The current Owner of your organization can transfer their ownership from their Users page. Click on the grey gear icon to the right of the user you wish to assign as Owner, and select Change role. Once ownership has been transferred, your account will be converted to an Admin. The current Owner or another Admin can then delete your account from the organization using the same method.

My invitee rescheduled, and the appointment went to someone else on my team. Why is this happening? 

  1. Navigate to your round robin's event type settings.
  2. Expand the Team Members & Location tab, and scroll to the bottom to open the Show Advanced Settings menu. 
  3. Choose to customize the rescheduling options to either redistribute an event through the round robin assignment, or reassign to the original user.