Adding Calendly to your Website

Add your Calendly booking flow directly onto your website using our embed options. Choose from three customizable styles to give your site visitors the option to schedule an event without having to leave the page.

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Add a landing page with all of your event types to your website

Use this procedure to add your landing page where invitees can view all of your public events.

  1. From your Home page, find the gear on the right side of the page and select it to expand the menu. (Note: if you are a part of a team and want to add your team landing page to your website, first locate the team before completing step 1.)
  2. Select Add to Website, then choose the type of embed that you prefer and adjust the appearance to fit your site.


Add an event scheduling page to your website

Use this procedure to control the type of meeting your site visitors can schedule on your website.
  1. From your Home page, locate your preferred event type and select the Share button.
  2. Select Add to Website.
  3. Choose the type of embed you would like and adjust the appearance at Page Settings to fit your website.


Check if your website can host Calendly's embed design

Select your website provider to learn more about the embed options available for your website.


Are you a developer?

By making a JavaScript API call, you can create an inline embed on demand. This will allow you to delay the appearance of the embed until specific actions are completed, or until information is collected to be used for pre-filling the booking form.


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