Pre-populate invitee information on the scheduling page


When you send your Calendly link to an invitee or post a link to your scheduling page on your website, you can have Calendly automatically display information that's specific to your invitee on your scheduling page such as their name, email, and pre-populated answers to custom invitee questions.

Example of something you might add to a link

Example of a pre-populated scheduling page 


To add invitee information in your Calendly link

  1. On your Home page, find the event type you’d like to share and select Copy Link.
  2. Then paste it into an email, SMS app, or text editor. 
  3. If your link doesn’t already have a variable attached, add "?" to the end of the link. This starts the string of information you will send with the link.
  4. If there's already a variable or value added at the end of your link, continue to step 7. Note: we sometimes append the current month and year to the end of the link so when an invitee views the event scheduling page, it lands on the correct month. For a list of variables, see Information you can send in a redirect URL
  5. Add a variable name (type of information) you want to send, followed by the user's information (value). 
  6. To add space between words, enter "%20".
  7. To add additional variables to your link, enter "&" then add additional variables and values.

Information you can add to your Calendly link

Variables and Values


Adds the invitee's name as a single field on the scheduling page.
Ex: name=John%20Doe 

First name

Adds the invitee's first name as a single field.
Ex: first_name=John

Last name

Adds the invitee's last name as a single field.
Ex: last_name=Doe 


Adds the invitee's email address.


Adds the event location (e.g. online or in-person).

Custom question responses

Pre-populates responses to custom questions. Just specify the question number (e.g. "a1", "a2"...) followed by the response. To specify multiple questions, separate the numbers by commas.
Ex: a4=14045555555

Checkboxes and radio buttons

Selects a checkbox as a default value. Specify the question number  (e.g. "a1", "a2"...). To specify multiple checkboxes, separate the numbers with commas.

Ex: a3=2,3 


You cannot select the 'other' option where an invitee could fill in their own text on a check-box or radio button.

Additional guests

Pre-populates additional guest emails. 


Phone Number

To pre-populate the invitee's phone number onto the scheduling page, you must first know which field the phone number value is collected from within your specific event type.
If the Phone Number field is generated automatically by choosing Phone call as the location, you will use the parameter location on the scheduling url:

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 3.44.45 PM.png

If you've created a 
custom question requesting the phone number, they you can use a parameter that matches with the question number (a1 through a10). If it is the first custom question, you would use a1 as the parameter on the scheduling url:

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 3.46.16 PM.png


If you're attempting to pre-populate the phone number for the SMS Text reminder field, unfortunately, this field cannot be pre-populated.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 3.47.51 PM.png