Specify a meeting location

Location settings

Let your invitees know where your event takes place by specifying the location for each event type. Choose a physical location, web conference, phone number, or allow your invitee to select the location.

If you have Calendly ask invitees for their preferred location, once invitees confirm the event, we'll include the location they select in all notifications and calendars.

Display location information on the scheduling or confirmation pages. Calendly always includes location information in the calendar event and in confirmation emails.

Web conference options

To offer Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Google Meet web conferencing, first integrate your web conferencing app with Calendly. If you use another app such as WebEx or Join.Me, add your web conferencing link or dial-in number instead as a Custom location (see instructions for integrating GoToMeeting, Zoom, or Google Meet).

If your conferencing link changes with each event, use calendar invitations instead of confirmation emails so you can change conferencing information at any time. With calendar invitations enabled, you can change the conferencing information from the calendar you connected to Calendly. Your invitee immediately sees the updated information in their calendar and also receives a notification that a change was made.

Tip: To automatically update calendar events once they're scheduled, use Calendly's Zapier integration. 

To set the location for an event

  1. From the Event Types tab of your Home page, select the event.
  2. Expand the What even is this section.
  3. At Location, choose from the following:
    - In-person meeting, then enter a description of the location. 
    - Phone call, then choose to call your invitee or have them call you (and enter the phone number to call).
    - GoogleMeet, Zoom, or GoToMeeting. If you haven't integrated your web conference app with Calendly, click Edit, then go to Calendly's integration page and set it up. 
    - Custom, then enter a location description and choose to display the location during booking or after confirmation.
    - Ask invitee. To offer an invitee two or more location choices, click Add a location and select a location. Repeat this step to add additional location options.


  4. To add additional information for invitees, click Include additional information and enter a short note.
  5. Click Update.
  6. Click Save & Close.





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