Calendly Billing

You can find your Calendly billing page from your Admin menu, which is accessible from your Account dropdown menu. Before exploring our billing resources below, let's discuss how Calendly's subscriptions work.

Billing Words to know

  1. Organization: The Calendly account. If you are on a free plan, your organization is only your account. If you add more people to Calendly, they would be joining you in an organization.
  2. Seat: The number of seats you have in your account represents the total number of people who could join your organization. If you have 5 out of 10 seats occupied, then five more people could join. Seats are how Calendly charges your account, NOT by active users.
  3. User: A person who joins your organization and has events, scheduling links, etc. This person would take an available seat in your organization. Users can be assigned different roles once they have joined your organization.
  4. Upgrade: moving to a higher tier of account (from free to Teams).
  5. Downgrade: moving to a lower tier of account (from Teams to free).

What happens after your trial period


If you are a new Calendly user, you are given a two week trial of our Teams plan. At the end of this trial, you will Automatically be downgraded to our free plan. No action is needed to move from the Teams trial to a free plan. However, any actions taken during your trial that apply to a paid plan, such as adding more users or creating Calendly workflows, will be disabled.

You can move off of the free plan at any time by upgrading your account. You can move onto the free plan at any time by downgrading your account. If you want to permanently delete your Calendly account, removing all data and your login information for good, see the instructions here.

How you are charged for Calendly

  • Your Calendly billing cycle can be set up either monthly or annually. Calendly subscriptions automatically renew at the end of the billing period.
  • Upgrading/downgrading or adding/removing seats can be done at any point in your billing cycle. The changes will be reflected in your next payment.
  • Calendly is charged per seat in your account/organization. If you are the only user in your account, then you are charged for one seat. If you have 5 total seats in your organization, you will be charged for the five seats, whether you have five users in your organization or not.
    • Please see this article for information on how to add users to your organization.
    • Teams customers on an annual plan are eligible for tiered pricing. As your team grows beyond 30 seats, the average price per user will automatically go down. You can upgrade or add seats from your Calendly billing page and view a transparent cost breakdown before purchasing.
  • If your seats are occupied and you need to add another user, you will need to either remove an existing user or add an additional seat.
  • If your Calendly organization is billed via invoice, you will need to reach out to your Calendly customer success representative or email to make any changes.

Billing Resources

Link Topics covered
Changing your Organizations plan, seats, and billing information Adjusting seat count, subscription tier, and other billing details
Canceling and/or deleting your account Nuances of account deletion
Sales tax and your Calendly subscription How Calendly handles sales tax, and how to submit tax-exemption status
Downloading your Calendly invoice How to access your invoice from Calendly
International billing topics VAT numbers, India RBI mandate, and other international billing topics.