How to set up a Round Robin shared event

Round robin events let you and other team members automatically rotate which team member is booked for the meeting and let invitees pick a time when any of you are available. Use this procedure to set up a shared round robin event type. 

Before you begin... 

  • To create a shared event type with another person, that person must be a user on your Calendly account. Read more about shared event types here. 

How to create a round robin shared event

  1. On your Calendly Home page, select + New Event Type.
    New Event Type Button.png

  2. Select the Round robin event type.
    Round Robin Event Selection.png

  3. Enter the names or emails of all other hosts for this event type. Select Next

  4. Next you will enter your Event name, Event Duration and Assign Hosts Locations. Select Continue
    Round Robin Quick Creator.png

  5. Within the Hosts & Invitees section, you will be able to adjust the location for each host under Location. You will also be able to set the logic for how Calendly will assign new meetings to team members by clicking on the Round Robin Settings link at the bottom. Within the Round Robin settings, you can select:

    1.  Optimize for Availability to allow invitees to book with any host that's available at their preferred time. (Note: Priority Stars let Calendly know which team member should be booked before all others, any time they are available for booking. These stars can be filled at 4 different levels to rank your hosts by selecting the stars until it is filled to the desired amount.)

    2.  Optimize for Equal Distribution to distribute events equally across your hosts. This prevents any one team member from booking more meetings than others. Once a team member is added or deleted, the algorithm will reset.

    3. Read more about how round robin distribution works here.  


  6. Within your Scheduling Settings section, assign the desired Date Range for your event. Date Range indicates the number of days into the future that invitees can book this type of event.

  7. (Optional) Under Available hours within your Scheduling Settings, set the time frame for when you and other hosts are accepting meetings for this type of event. See How to set up host availability for multi-person scheduling for more information.
    Note: we already block times marked as “busy” in the calendar(s) you and other hosts connected to Calendly. 

  8. (Optional) To set advanced availability settings, select Scheduling Settings. You can set your Start time increments, daily limit, minimum notice, and timezone display.

  9. Select Next to save your new round robin shared event type

You can also edit which users can edit, share, or view your event. To do so:

  1. Click on the event type where you are needing to edit permissions.

  2. Select the Host and invitees section of your event editor

  3. Click on the +Add host button in the upper right hand side of your settings page. Here you can assign new hosts, remove current hosts and edit event permissions. 

  4. You have three options to choose from:

    1. Can edit: can make changes to an event type’s settings (see how to edit an event type here)

    2. Can view: can see the event type in their account and share the event’s booking link, but cannot make any edits to the event itself

    3. Remove from event type: remove any existing permissions for a user

  5. Save any changes.

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NOTE: These permissions will not work on Managed or Team events.

How to share your round robin shared event 

  1. From your Home page, locate the Collective shared event you just created and select Share. 
  2. Next, choose how to share your link. Select Copy link to make a copy of the link.