Google Calendar Invitations - "Unknown Sender" emails.

Last year Google Calendar added a setting for Android users to help dodge spam invitations. Google is now working on implementing this setting as a default setting for calendar invitations across their platform. 

What this means is that any calendar invitations you receive from an email address that is not recognized will be marked as an "unknown sender" and will not automatically add events from that address to your Google calendar.

In order to allow calendar invitations to be added automatically within your Google Calendar for this sender, there are a few things you can do:

  • Google Calendar users can change this setting at anytime from within their account by:
    1. Click Settings on the top right hand side of your Google calendar.
    2. Under General, select Event Settings.
    3. Under Add invitations to my calendar, select From everyone.


  • You can click on the "I know the sender" button when presented which will add that email address to your Google Calendar safe senders list for future events to be added automatically.