Scheduling with Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are commonly used for conference calls, board meetings, management reviews, and more. If you're looking to assign a conference room as an event location within your Calendly account, there are a few methods you can choose from to accomplish this:

  • Creating a collective event type 
  • Creating a conference room sub-calendar 
  • Manually adding conference room

Collective Event Option

With a collective event type, you can add your desired conference room as an additional user within your Admin Management/People page. From there, create a collective event type with both yourself and your desired Conference Room assigned as hosts.


If you'd like to allow your colleagues to be able to book meeting rooms without causing overlap, you will need to create a separate Calendly account for each conference room. Doing this will allow each room to be seen as an individual room for your team to reserve. You can create a team page including all of these accounts, then create a collective event type that correlates to each room.

Important Note

If you choose to add conference rooms as additional users, this will take up paid seats within your Calendly account. To create a Calendly account for your conference room, you'll also need to ensure that your conference room has a designated email address.

Sub-calendar & Zapier 

For this method, you'll first need to create a "new sub-calendar" within your calendar platform (Google, Outlook, Office 365, Exchange) to track the availability of the conference room(s) being utilized. Make sure that this calendar is shared with everyone scheduling this room so that they can assign Calendly to confirm the conference room for availability.


Once this calendar has been created and shared, you can use Calendly's Zapier integration to push Calendly scheduled events to that Conference Room's calendar.

Manually adding conference room to scheduled events

If you prefer to manually configure your conference room, you can also edit your event's location on your personal calendar. We do not recommend this method for high volume situations.