Setup routing from HubSpot forms

You can connect a HubSpot form to Calendly’s routing logic to send leads to the right booking page based on responses to your HubSpot form.

Before you begin:

  • Routing from HubSpot forms is only available for organizations on our Teams and Enterprise plans. Check out our Pricing and plans page for more information.
  • You'll need HubSpot admin privileges.
  • Only organization owners and admins can establish a HubSpot form integration. However, owners and admins can grant edit permission on each individual form to specific users.
  • Establish a HubSpot form integration by following the steps listed in the following help center article: HubSpot Installation

How to connect HubSpot with routing forms:

  1. Select + New Routing form.
  2. Select Import an existing form.
  3. Select Connect to connect a HubSpot form.
  4. Activate the integration by entering your HubSpot credentials.
    (If you've already completed this, skip to Step 5, Import a "mirror...")
    1. Enter your Username.
    2. Enter your Password.
    3. Select Log In.
    4. HubSpot will send a verification code to your email address
    5. Enter the Verification Code.
    6. Select Verify.
  5. Import a "mirror" copy of your form. Calendly will automatically map everything in the mirror form to the source form in HubSpot.
  6. From there, build your routing logic based on the responses to the questions in your form. If you're using hidden fields, you'll see them in the Form Preview. Check out the following help center article for more information on building Routing Forms in Calendly: Getting started with Routing Forms.

    : Routes can only be built off of responses to radio button and dropdown questions, as well as the email domain for an email field.
  7. Once you've finished building your routing logic, an auto-generated script will be available to you.
    1. Navigate to the Routing Forms tab in Calendly.
    2. To the right of the desired routing form, select Share.
      • From there, you will have the ability to customize your booking page by adjusting the colors and visibility of the event type details and cookie banner.
    3. Select Copy code in the bottom right of the form panel.
    4. Paste the copied code into the website where your HubSpot form is embedded.

      This will ensure each time a visitor fills out your HubSpot form, they'll be automatically redirected to the right destination in Calendly. For more information, check out How to embed routing from Hubspot forms.