Customize events once and share

NOTE: Learn how to use this feature on Android and IOS devices here!

If you want to make adjustments to your event types when getting a Calendly link, you can make some immediate changes from the sharing page. This lets you customize events for a specific invitee without needing to make an entirely new event type.

NOTE: This feature is only available for one-on-one event types.

What you can customize

You are able to edit the following fields at the time of sharing:

  • event name
  • event duration
  • event location
  • date range
  • weekly hours (your availability)
  • date specific hours (if needed)

How to customize your event when sharing

  1. From your Calendly homepage, click the Share button for the event you want to use.
  2. Select Customize & share.
    Calendly Customize Once and Share.png
  3. From the next screen, make the necessary edits.
  4. Click Share link.
  5. You will be returned to the sharing page. Here you can either copy the link for sharing, or add times to an email. You can also preview your availability here to see your changes in real time!

Add times to email - customize once and share.gif

If you have any Calendly workflows connected to the original event type, those workflows will still be triggered with the customized version. Plus, if you change the title of the event, the workflow will automatically update for the new version!

Customizing via the extension

You can also access this feature using our extensions for Calendly's web browser, Gmail, Outlook, and Linkedin extensions! The customize window will appear in a pop-up, and you'll just need to follow the steps above!