Restrict usage of SMS/text messaging

To better assist institutions to remain compliant while using Calendly, we have built a feature that allows for the deactivation of all SMS sending functionality in Calendly for an organization. This is enabled by Calendly, not within your organization's application.

Once enabled, SMS sending is no longer active and no SMS messages will be sent. Even if there are existing SMS reminders or workflows set up for scheduled events, those SMS messages will not be sent. This is common within the financial industry.

Disabling SMS functionality

If you are interested in having SMS functionality disabled for your organization, please contact your Calendly customer success manager.

User experience once SMS functionality is disabled

Once SMS messaging has been disabled, users will either no long see SMS features, or see messaging informing users of the deactivation. Below are some examples of a SMS-disabled Calendly application.

The “Phone numbers” tab is removed from Account Settings


Existing Workflows with SMS actions sms_deactivated_-_user_notified_in_workflow.png
Creating new Workflows



Reminders and notifications