Getting started with Make


Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything—from simple tasks to complex workflows—in minutes. You can use this no-code connector tool to send information between your Calendly account and thousands of apps. Once connected, Make can retrieve events, invitees, event types, and memberships in your Calendly account.

You can view more details in Calendly + Make. To learn more about popular use cases, like using LinkedIn forms with Make and Calendly, check out this Calendly blog post.

What you need to integrate

  • A free Calendly account or higher. Note that you’ll need a paid Calendly plan to use the Watch Events action in Make.
  • A free Make account or higher

How to integrate

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate, as well as a list of information you can pull from Calendly, view Make's help center article.


The Make integration is built and managed by Make. For troubleshooting queries, please reach out to Make Support.

Some topics to note:

  • Once connected, Calendly admins and owners can access all events in their Calendly organization, but users can only access their own events.