Adding Calendly times to an email

Calendly allows you to share a visual of your available times in an email. This can be useful when you want to select certain days or times for an invitee to choose from. Here's how.
  1. From your Calendly Home page, select your event's Share button.

  2. Select Add times to email. A calendar will display based on your selected event types' availability. 
  3. Select a day and times to include, and select Continue

  4. On the next screen, select to Copy times to clipboard
  5. Once you have copied the times, you can Paste them into the body of your email. It will look like this! 

Your invitee will be able to select one of the times directly, or see all available times on your event's page. Once a date/time has been booked, it will be greyed out/not selectable for all other invitees.