Troubleshooting round robin meeting location

In this guide we will discuss the following topics as they relate to round robin meetings:

  • Video conferencing

  • Outbound calling

  • Multiple locations

Connecting video conferencing options

Each host on a round robin event type can choose their own meeting location. This means that one member of a round robin event can use Google Meet while another can choose to hold an in-person meeting.


Each individual host is responsible for setting up their integrations with the video conferencing options they want to use. If you see an error message like the one below when selecting a video conference location, the individual host has not yet set up their integration for that platform. An admin cannot set up an integration on the host’s behalf.


Individual hosts can complete the setup for any of the video conference platforms by logging into Calendly and navigating to the integrations page.

How to setup outbound calling on a round robin event type

Because of how hosts and locations are assigned on round robin events, Calendly currently does not support the standard “I will call my invitee” phone call option. You can see this option is greyed out in the image below.


Outbound calling workaround

If you need to create an “I will call you” experience in a round robin event type, you can use a custom location in combination with an invitee question.

  1. Set your location in the round robin event type to Custom and include text such as “I’ll call you!” as the description.


  1. Create an invitee question (make it required) and choose phone number as the answer type to capture the best telephone number with which to contact the invitee.


How to offer multiple locations to your round robin invitees

Because each round robin host sets their desired location ahead of time, Calendly does not normally allow the invitee to select their meeting location preference.

Location choice workaround

You can use a custom location paired with a custom question to allow your invitee to choose their preferred meeting location. You can then edit the invitation after booking based on the invitee’s choice. Because this question would show for every invitee on the round robin event type, regardless of who their host ends up being, it is important that all the location options available in the question are suitable options for all the hosts.

  1. Set your location in the round robin event type to Custom and include text such as “Choose the meeting location” as the description.


  1. Create an invitee question (make it required) to allow the invitee to select their desired meeting location.


Be sure to update the initial calendar invitation with the information for the invitee’s desired location.