How to report unwanted or fraudulent bookings

We want to make sure every event you have is successful. If you're experiencing problems with unwanted scheduled events, email spam, or any of the activities listed below, you can report them to Calendly directly.

Examples of suspicious activity include:

  • Spam
    • Someone is sending spam or unsolicited emails through their Calendly account.
  • Suspicious/unrecognized links
    • Someone is using their Calendly account to send emails that contain phishing or malicious links, or place suspicious links on their Calendly booking page.
  • Illegal activity
    • Someone is promoting hate, violence, or fraudulent/illegal activities.
  • Impersonation
    • Someone is using a false identity on their Calendly account to deceive others or achieve personal gain.

The Report Abuse form

From our help center, you can access our Report Abuse page, which allows you to send all the appropriate information to Calendly.

  • Use the Report Abuse button to open our reporting form, follow the prompts, and report as much information as possible.
  • Forward abusive emails to

Our team will then review your report and take appropriate action. If we need more information, someone may reach out to you.


To report unwanted events from the Calendly app

When someone schedules an event with you, you have the option to reschedule, cancel, and/or report the event in Calendly. We’ll use your report to learn more about unwanted bookings and how to prevent them so that you can feel secure using Calendly to book your meetings.

  1. On your Calendly Home page, select Scheduled Events.

  2. Locate the event you would like to report.

  3. On the right side of the event, select Details.

  4. Select Report this event on the left side.

  5. Select the reason you are reporting the event. Reasons include:

    • I don’t know this person

    • I know this person but don’t want to meet

    • It’s something else

  6. (Optional) Give a brief description of the situation. We'll use this information to help come up with future solutions for preventing fraudulent bookings.

  7. Select Report Event. Doing so will automatically cancel the reported event and remove it from your scheduled events.

  8. Select OK.

When an event is reported, it is automatically canceled and your availability will be open to take a new meeting at the canceled time slot. The invitee of the event will receive a cancellation notice. Reporting an event will not affect the person being reported. This means, their account will continue to be active.

Tips to avoid any additional unwanted or fraudulent bookings