Calendly sub-processors (GDPR, CCPA)

As part of the delivery of services to our customers, Calendly uses data processors (sub-processors) that have access to certain customer data. See below the identity and role of each sub-processor.


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Last updated June 2022

Sub-processor name Permitted
Sub-processor activities


Developer tool California, USA


Infrastructure Virginia, USA
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure Washington, USA
APIHub, Inc.
(dba "Clearbit")
Data enrichment California, USA
Attribution App Analytics California, USA
Braze External communication New York, USA
Chargebee Billing & subscription
California, USA
CloudFlare Infrastructure California, USA
Crowdvocate Sales tool California, USA
Datadog, Inc. Developer tool and logging California, USA
Demandbase Analytics California, USA
E-HAWK LLC Malicious actor detection tools New York, USA and The Netherlands
Elasticsearch In-app search services California, USA and The Netherlands
FullStory Analytics Georgia, USA
Gong Customer service tool California, USA
Google Analytics, internal
collaboration, and infrastructure
California, USA
Heap Analytics California, USA
Mode Analytics Analytics California, USA
Mutiny Website Personalization California, USA
Optimizely Customer service California, USA
Pendo Product Experience Tool North Carolina, USA
Pocus Sales tool California, USA
Printfection Marketing tool Colorado, USA
200 OK, LLC
(dba "Profitwell")
Analytics and accounting Massachusetts,
Qualtrics Customer feedback tool Utah, USA
Salesforce Infrastructure, developer tools,
and CRM
California, USA
Salesloft, Inc. Sales-related communication
and outreach
Georgia, USA
Segment Infrastructure and developer
California, USA
Simplr Solutions, Inc. Customer service California, USA
StellaService External communication and
customer service tool
New York, USA
Stitch Infrastructure and developer
Pennsylvania, USA
Stripe Billing California, USA
SurveyMonkey Customer service tool California, USA
Twillio External communication California, USA
Vitally Customer support tools New York, USA
Zapier Developer tool and
data connector
California, USA
Zendesk External communication and
customer service tool
California, USA


Video Conferencing California, USA