Schedule Calendly meetings in Greenhouse

With Greenhouse Recruiting's Calendly integration, you can schedule candidate interviews with Calendly directly from Greenhouse.


Types of meetings you can schedule

The Greenhouse integration works best with one-on-one event types. You cannot schedule team or shared event types (round robin or collective) or interviews with more than one step.

How to integrate Calendly with Greenhouse Recruiting

Before you begin...

  • You'll need a Greenhouse Recruiting account, with job admin privileges or above.
  • You'll need a free Calendly account or higher.
  • Each Greenhouse team member must connect individually.

To connect, please follow the steps in Greenhouse's article, Calendly integration.

To learn more about how you can schedule with Calendly and Greenhouse, view Greenhouse's Calendly section in their Help Center

After you book

Cancel or reschedule

You can access the cancel or reschedule links from within Greenhouse. When you select cancel or reschedule, Calendly will open in a new window to complete the steps. 


Troubleshooting and feature requests

The Calendly and Greenhouse integration is built and managed by Greenhouse Recruiting. For troubleshooting queries or feature requests, please reach out to Greenhouse support

What's next?

For instructions on scheduling candidate interviews and more, see Greenhouse Recruiting's Calendly section in their Help Center