When you're the invitee, see when you and your host are available

If another Calendly member invites you to schedule time with them, log into Calendly so you can see which times work with your previous commitments. Calendly will display a green dot next to the times you both are available.

Because you can also see the name of your commitments, you can easily determine if a commitment is lower priority and can be rescheduled to accommodate the new event.


See available times using a 12 or 24-hour clock, based on your personal settings and those selected by the meeting host. If your host selected a different format than the one you set in your account settings, you can change your time format settings.



To log into Calendly to schedule with your host
To see times when you' and your host are available
To change how times display on the scheduling page


To log into Calendly to schedule with your host

  1. If you're not already logged in, go to the Calendly home page, select Log In.
  2. Select the link sent by your host to display their scheduling page.
    If your host offers multiple types events, select the event you want to schedule.


To see times when you and your host are available

  1. Select a date to see times offered by your host on the left.
    See times you're already booked on the right.
  2. To see which calendars Calendly is using, select the information icon next to your name.         seecal.png

    See a list of calendars Calendly uses to determine when you're available.
  3. Select the time you want to meet, then select Confirm.
  4. Review your contact information and enter any required information (e.g. phone number).
  5. Select Schedule event.

Calendly notifies your host of the time you selected and adds the event to your calendar.


To change how times display on the scheduling page

  1. At the top right side of any Calendly page, select Account, then Account settings.
  2. At Time format, choose to display your calendar using a 12 or 24 calendar.
  3. Select Save changes.
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