Invitee Questions

By default, Calendly asks each invitee for their name and email address when they schedule with you. These are always required so event details can be shared automatically. You can also create additional questions to collect more information. Invitee answers will be saved to the event details on your Scheduled Events tab and added to notifications by default.


Name and email address

Once an invitee schedules, their name and email address can be automatically populated when they book again. Just enable the autofill setting from the Invitee Questions section within each event type. Hover over the fields and select the pencil icon. Then, check the option for Autofill Invitee Name and email from prior bookings option.

invitee1.gifCollecting phone numbers

When the location of an event is set to Phone call and you choose to call your invitee, a phone number field will appear and be required by default.



To collect a phone number when your location is not set to a phone call, you can create a custom question and select the Phone Number option. 

Custom questions

For each event type, you can add up to ten additional questions. Each can be marked as required or left as optional for your invitees. Choose the answer type that best suits the information you're collecting.


Additional guests

After choosing their preferred date and time for a one-on-one event, an invitee can decide to add any additional guest email addresses to be notified about their booking. Guests will be sent a calendar invitation or a copy of the invitee confirmation email, depending on the notifications settings for that event type. View any added guests within a scheduled event's details from the Scheduled Events tab on your Home page.

To allow only one invitee per event, navigate to the event type you would like to update and expand the Invitee Questions section. Hover over the name and email fields to reveal the option to edit, then uncheck the Allow invitees to add additional guests option.


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