Time zones

How Calendly detects your time zone

Calendly automatically detects your time zone when you create an account. When an invitee schedules an event with you, it is published to your calendar in the time zone you've set within your calendar settings. You can view or change your time zone at any time from your Account Settings.


NOTE: to adjust your team's time zone, use the Team page settings

Editing your time zone for specific schedules or event types

By default, Calendly applies the time zone specified in your account settings to your schedules and event types. 

To change the time zone for a schedule, select the current time zone at the top of your schedule and search for the one you'd like to change it to. The current time within that time zone will appear on the left. Once a new time zone has been chosen, the schedule will automatically save.

To change the time zone for a specific event type

  1. Select the event type you want to edit from the home page.
  2.  Under When can people book this event?, scroll down to How do you want to offer your availability for this event type?.
  3. Select the current time zone at the top of your schedule and search for the one you'd like to change it to.
  4. Select Save & Close.

NOTE: you must use custom hours to change the time zone on the event type level. 


How Calendly handles invitees' time zones

Calendly will auto-detect your invitee's time zone and adjust the display of your availability accordingly. After scheduling with you, the event added to their calendar will reflect the time zone from their calendar's settings.

If an invitee would like to view your availability in a different time zone, they can expand the drop-down menu on your scheduling page and adjust the display setting.


How Calendly handles daylight savings time

Calendly automatically adjusts for daylight savings. When invitees book events before or after daylight savings, Calendly adjusts the times they see so events are scheduled at the right time.


Locking an event type to a specific time zone

If you’re holding in-person meetings, you may want to lock an event type's time zone. This will ensure that invitees view the scheduling page in the time zone that the event will be taking place.

  1. From your Event Types page, select the event you would like to update.
  2. Expand the When can people book this event? section.
  3. Select Additional rules for your availability.
  4. At Time zone display, choose Lock the timezone.
  5. Select Save & Close.