How to add Calendly to a Wix site


  1. Sign in to Wix.
  2. Select Edit Site to open the editor
  3. Select + and select Embed.
  4. Select Custom Embeds and select Embed a site. An adjustable widget will be added to the page.
  5. Select the Enter Website Address and paste the link to your Calendly landing, scheduling, or team page.
    You can copy your Calendly link directly from the Home Page or select Copy Link from the event type:
  1. Adjust the size and location of the widget. This is done within Wix. Additional information on customizing a widget can be found here.
  2. Publish your site!
  3. To add links or buttons:
    • To paste your Calendly URL, select any image or text, then select Link.
    • To add a customizable button, select +, select Button, select a button for your site, then edit the button text.