Let invitees meet with multiple team members


Collective scheduling allows an invitee to schedule a time to meet with multiple members of your team simultaneously. These events are perfect for scheduling:

  • a sales call with an account executive and an SDR
  • a technical support call with a customer support rep and an engineer
  • interviews with a recruiter and a hiring manager

Setting up a collective event type within a team

First, complete the steps to setting up a team. Creating a collective event type is very similar to creating a solo event, with a few additional steps. From your team event types page, select + New Event Type next to the team you prefer. Choose Collective, set the availability, and select the team members to be included.

When invitees view this event type, they'll see only the times that all selected team members are mutually available. Calendly will publish the event to one team member's calendar and add the remaining team members as guests so everyone is notified and kept up-to-date. 


Specify when your team members are available for collective events

To set your hosts' availability for a collective event type, follow the How to set host availability for multi-person scheduling procedure. 

If you're using the same availability for another collective event type within your team, you can save time by selecting Copy availability from... within the When can others book this event? section of your event type. Select the event type you'd like to copy availability from, and it will automatically populate. 

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