Admin-Managed Zoom


To enhance onboarding efficiency, connect a Zoom account for your entire Calendly organization. This allows users to start using Zoom as a meeting location upon signup.

Calendly owners and admins are able to connect an org-level Zoom account. However, only a Zoom admins can approve and connect the integration. Zoom will tell you if you are the correct admin once you attempt the integration.

Connect an org-level Zoom account

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Integrations and apps.gif of navigating to integrations and apps
  2. Select the Zoom integration.neworgmanagedzoom.gif
  3. Select the option to Set up Zoom for your organization.
  4. You will be provided a link to use for connecting Zoom. Send this to your Zoom administrator (or use yourself if you are the Zoom administrator).
  5. The Zoom administrator will use that link to log into Zoom and complete the activation process.Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 12.01.40 PM.png

Once the integration is complete, the connection is enabled for the entire organization. If a user already has a personal Zoom connected, that connection is not overwritten by the org Zoom.

image (21).png

Once connected, users in your organization will be able to automatically share Zoom meeting details. Upon scheduling, Calendly will generate a unique Zoom link and dial-in details. You can also set your event location as Zoom from within the event editor. For more information, please view this help center article on our Zoom integration.

From the Zoom integration screen, you can also allow users to remove the org-level connection, if desired.

Working with a personal and admin-managed Zoom

Users can have two Zooms connected at a time, one admin-managed and one personal. If both are connected, then the Zoom setup page will only show a personal connection. If this Zoom is disconnected, then the admin-managed one will appear instead. zoom.png

To see which Zoom account a user has connected, go to the Zoom integration screen. Each Calendly user will show as either connected or not connected, and the type of connection (organization or personal) will appear in the Type column.

Disconnect the org-level Zoom integration

To disconnect:

  1. From the home screen, navigate to Integrations and apps.
  2. Select the Zoom integration.
  3. Select the Disconnect button.

Users will still be able to connect their own personal Zoom accounts.

NOTE: If you remove the Zoom account used for the integration, you will also disconnect the org-level integration. This will apply to any users that have the org-level connection enabled, and might disrupt your location settings for an event.