Troubleshooting Microsoft Dynamics 365

This article contains common troubleshooting steps related to Calendly’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 via Power Automate.

I'm having trouble with the personal access token when setting up the Calendly integration in Power Automate.

If you encounter issues with the personal access token during integration, first ensure you've followed the steps to generate the token correctly in Calendly. From your Calendly Integrations page, select API & webhooks and create a new token.

If you’ve generated the token but are experiencing issues, double-check if you've copied and pasted the entire token correctly in Power Automate. Remember, the token is sensitive to any extra spaces or missing characters. If problems persist, try generating a new token in Calendly and updating it in Power Automate.

My Calendly events aren't being pushed to Dynamics 365.

As a first step, ensure that your Power Automate flows are properly set up. We recommend checking out Microsoft’s Troubleshooting a cloud flow troubleshooting documentation.

Next, confirm that you possess the 'Create' record-level privileges in Microsoft Dynamics 365, necessary for adding or updating records.

Lastly, ensure that you're connected to Microsoft Dataverse (Microsoft Dynamics 365) and Calendly within Power Automate. Verify that your integration settings and connections are correctly configured in both platforms. If all settings appear correct, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the integration from the Connections tab within Power Automate.

I’m seeing duplicate records in Dynamics 365 after syncing.

Duplicates often occur due to mismatched or incomplete data fields. Ensure that your mapping settings in the Calendly-Dynamics 365 integration correctly match the fields between the two platforms. Also, check if any automation or workflow rules in Dynamics 365 might be creating additional records.

Scheduled events are updating slowly in Dynamics 365. Is there a way to speed this up?

Sync speed can vary based on server load and internet connectivity. If delays are consistent, check your network connection. Additionally, review the volume of data being synced – large data volumes can slow down the process.

I'm having issues with the Calendly templates not functioning correctly in Dynamics 365.

For issues with the 'Create and update a lead' or 'Cancel an appointment' templates, first ensure that the templates are correctly set up and activated in Power Automate. Check if the field mappings align correctly with your Dynamics 365 setup. If a lead isn't being created or an appointment isn't being canceled as expected, review the trigger conditions in the template to ensure they match your Calendly event specifications.

Next, confirm that you possess the 'Create' record-level privileges in Microsoft Dynamics 365, necessary for adding or updating records.

After making any adjustments, test the flow with a test Calendly event to see if the issue is resolved. If problems persist, checking the error logs in Power Automate can provide more specific details about where the process is failing.

How can I verify if an event from Calendly was successfully synced to Dynamics 365?

You can check the activity log or history in your Dynamics 365 account. If the integration is working correctly, you should see records for the pushed events. Alternatively, manually search for a specific event or contact to see if the relevant data appears.

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