Calendly + Microsoft Teams Chat

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With the Calendly + Microsoft Teams Chat integration, you can receive instant notifications about your booked meetings directly in Teams chat. When a Calendly event is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled, the Calendly bot will automatically send you a notification to let you know, so you can stay up to date on your booked meetings without having to toggle between apps.

Before you begin

  • You’ll need a Calendly account on our Free plan or above.

  • You’ll need a Microsoft Teams account on the Free plan or above.

What the integration does

  • Receive Notifications: After installation, you will start receiving instant notifications from the Calendly bot in Microsoft Teams Chat whenever an event is scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled.

  • Stay Updated: Keep track of your meetings directly within Microsoft Teams, ensuring you're always prepared for your next meeting.

How to install the Calendly app in Microsoft Teams

  1. From your Calendly account, navigate to the Integrations & Apps page.

  2. From the Integrations & Apps page, select Microsoft Teams Chat.

  3. You will then be redirected to the Calendly app page in the Microsoft Teams app store.

  4. Select Add to initiate the installation process within the Microsoft Teams environment.

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  5. Once installed, select Log in to sign in to your Calendly account.

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  6. You’ll then be prompted to allow Calendly to access your Microsoft Teams account by consenting to the permissions requested. Select Accept.

  7. Once your accounts are connected, you'll receive a welcome message from the Calendly bot in Microsoft Teams, indicating that you're all set to receive notifications about your scheduled meetings directly in Teams Chat!

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How to uninstall the Calendly app in Microsoft Teams

  1. From Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Apps section, which you can find on the lower left-hand side of Teams.

  2. In the Apps section, select Manage your apps in the lower left-hand corner.

  3. Select the Calendly for Teams app to view its details.

  4. Select the trash icon associated with the Calendly for Teams app to remove the app.

  5. Confirm the uninstallation by selecting Remove.

  6. You’ll receive a notification from Microsoft Teams confirming that the Calendly app has been successfully uninstalled from your Teams environment.