Pre-populate invitee answers in routing forms


When scheduling meetings through Calendly, sending routing forms to your invitees can be an essential part of your process. You can enhance your invitees' experience with your routing form by automatically displaying information that's pertinent to them, such as their name, preferred location, or company size. Pre-filling information not only saves your invitees time, but also significantly elevates their user experience by personalizing and streamlining the form completion process.  

Steps to pre-populate invitee answers in your Calendly routing form

  1. From your Calendly Home page, select Routing
  2. From your list of routing forms, select Share on the routing form you’re sharing with your invitee.
  3. Select Copy link

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  4. Paste the link into an email, SMS app, or text editor.
  5. If your link doesn’t already have a variable attached, add "?" at the end of the link. This action initiates the string of information you will append with the link. If there's already a variable or value added at the end of your link, continue to step 6. 
  6. Append the desired field/answer to the routing form URL using the specific question number (e.g. "a1","a2",...), followed by an "=" and the corresponding user information (values). 
    • For example, if you wanted to pre-fill the user's name and it’s the first question on your routing form, the URL could look like this: ‘.../routingformurl?a1=UserName
    • Note: View the comprehensive routing form URL syntax list below for additional details.
  7. To add space between words, enter "%20".
  8. To append additional answers to the URL, enter "&" then add the additional question numbers ("a2", a3"...) and the corresponding user information (values).
    • Example: ‘.../routingformurl?a1=FirstName%20LastName&a2=English
Routing form URL syntax
When adding invitee answers to your routing form URL:
  1. Use "?" to start the string of information you will append to the URL.
  2. Use "a1","a2", etc. for the specific question number on your routing form. 
  3. Use "=" before adding the corresponding user information/answer.
  4. Use "%20" to add space between words.
  5. Use "&" to append additional answers to the URL. 
  6. Use "autofill=true" at the end of a URL to automatically submit and route an invitee to a pre-configured destination based on the answers.
    • (i.e. ‘.../routingformurl?a1=FirstName%20LastName&a2=English&autofill=true’)
  7. All answers are case sensitive. When inputing the answer into the URL, ensure it matches how it's displayed on your routing form.
    • (i.e. English > a2=English)

Pre-populated Routing Form

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