Holidays within Calendly

Put your meetings on pause during major holidays without having to think about it. Our default holidays feature automatically blocks event types on country-specific holidays, providing a hassle-free way to respect cultural and personal commitments. Customize the holidays you observe by modifying the default list, ensuring accurate availability and maintaining a healthy balance.

ETR evergreeen holidays.png

Ensure you don't get bookings for any event types on major holidays (per country) automatically with new default holidays; customize the holidays you observe by modifying the default list within your Calendly account.

Edit holidays within Calendly 

There are two places where you can edit your holidays within Calendly: the account level and the event type level. When editing your holidays from the account level, any changes you make will be applied to all of your event types. Any changes you make at the event type level will only be applied to that individual event type. 

Edit your holidays for all event types
1. Select Availability from your left-hand navigation panel.
Calendly Availability Tab.png

2. Navigate to your Holidays tab.
Navigate to Holidays Tab.png

3. Choose your country.
From here you can choose one of 10 default countries whose holidays you wanted recognized within your account. Our default countries include:

- Australia
- Brazil
- Canada
- France
- Germany
- Mexico
- Netherlands
- Spain
- United Kingdom
- United States

Choose country for holidays.gif

4. Use the On/Off toggle to dictate which holidays you would like to be unavailable/available for.
ETR - Toggle Holidays.gif

Toggle On ETR - Toggle on.png will mark you as unavailable for scheduling on this holiday.
Toggle Off ETR - Toggle Off.pngwill mark you as available for scheduling on this holiday.
Edit your holidays for a specific event type
1. Select the event type where you are looking to edit your holidays.
Click into an evnt type.png

2. Open the Scheduling settings section of your event editor.
Select Scheduling Settings.png

3. Click into your Available hours that have been assigned.
ETR - Available Hours in scheduling settings.png

4. Scroll down until you see your observed holidays. Select Show.
ETR - observed holidays within event.png

5. Click on the ETR - trash icon.png icon to allow for scheduling on that holiday for your event.
ETR - Holidays w trash icon list.png

Note: If you are creating a Custom hours schedule within your event editor, you will also be able to to edit your holidays from within the Calendar view of your availability as shown below.
ETR - In event holiday edit cal view.gif

What if a holiday is missing?

If there is a holiday you observe that is not within your holidays tab or you are looking to block off additional dates within Calendly, you can add add date-specific hours to your Calendly schedule or you can add an all-day busy event to your connected calendar . Within your connected calendar, you can create busy events to remove availability for vacations and time off.

GIF - Create Holiday.gif