Schedule in real time with Calendly's extension

NOTE: This feature is currently in beta.

Calendly’s scheduling pages make it easy for someone to book a meeting with you. But we also know the sooner you can get that follow-up on your invitee’s calendar, the better. To schedule in real-time, you can book on behalf of your invitee. All you have to do is enter in their information and send them a notification. Now you can progress that business relationship without adding something to your "to-do" list.

The Create event feature is accessible from your Calendly browser extension or Outlook add-in sidebar. This feature allows you to customize the meeting details before booking.

How to schedule on behalf of an invitee

  1. Open the applicable browser extension or Outlook add-in. Our screenshots reflect the Google Chrome extension.

  2. For the event type you want to schedule, select Create event. A pop-up window will appear.instantbook1.gif

  3. In this new window, enter your invitee’s name, email, and (optionally) their time zone. Select Continue.instantbook2.gif

  4. You will be presented with your event type information and availability. Select a time that you and your invitee agree on. You can also customize the event location and duration.instantbook3.gif

  5. You can also book a time that is not normally available in your schedule by clicking Show full calendar. This feature is available for events you create, or an admin-managed event with the availability section unlocked.instantbook4.gif

  6. From either the availability screen or the full calendar, select Create event.

You will receive a confirmation message in the extension and your invitee will receive a confirmation email and calendar invite.