Calendly for Slack

Share your Calendly link in Slack without navigating away from a conversation. With the Calendly Slack app you can share Calendly links in Slack channels or direct messages and see the details of your event with an enhanced link experience.

How to install the Calendly app in Slack

Before you begin

  • You’ll need access to your Calendly account and an existing Slack account.

  • If you’re a Slack workspace owner or admin, installing the Calendly Slack app enables it for everyone in your workspace, although they will need to connect their individual Calendly accounts.

  • If you’re not a Slack owner or admin, you can install the Calendly Slack app for yourself, unless your company or workspace restricts app installation.

  1. Sign in to your Slack account and visit the Slack app directory.

  2. Locate Calendly in the directory.

  3. To begin the installation, select Add to Slack.

  4. Select Allow to give Calendly permission to access your Slack workspace. 

  5. When the Connect to Calendly message appears, select Connect to Calendly to continue. Slack will redirect you to your Calendly account. 

  6. When the Open Slack? pop-up message appears, select Open Slack.

  7. The Calendly app will appear in Slack under the Apps section of the left-hand menu. You’ll know the installation is complete when you see a welcome message from the Calendly app in Slack. 

  8. (Optional) If you are a Slack workspace owner or admin, you can inform other members of your organization that they can now connect their Calendly accounts to Slack by following the steps below.

How to connect to the Calendly Slack app

Use these steps to connect to the Calendly Slack app if a Slack owner or admin has already installed the Calendly app for your workspace.

  1. In Slack, go to the left-hand menu and scroll to the bottom to locate the Apps section. Select +.

  2. Locate and select Calendly.

  3. Select the Home page, then select Connect.

  4. The Calendly app will appear in Slack under the Apps section of the left-hand menu. You’ll know the installation is complete when you see a welcome message from the Calendly app in Slack. 

Before you begin

  • You must have the Calendly Slack app installed and connected.

  • If the Calendly Slack app has been added to your workspace by another user, you will need to follow the steps above and connect your Calendly account to Slack in order to use the Calendly shortcut.

  • If your Slack workspace admin hasn’t installed the app, follow the installation steps above.

  1. Open the Slack channel or direct message where you want to share your Calendly link.
    Note: The Calendly Slack app does not currently support sharing Calendly links in Slack threads. 

  2. Enter /Calendly in the message box, then select Share an event type with Calendly.

  3. Choose the event type you want to share and enter the name of the channel or person you want to share it with. You may also add a custom message. Then, select Share.

  4. The app will post to the selected channel or direct message. Your invitee will be able to select your message to book with you (in their web browser) via Calendly. Any events that they book will appear in your Calendly account under the Scheduled Events tab.


  • Meeting invitations are sent by the Calendly app and not as messages by users. So only Slack workspace owners and admins can delete messages posted by the Calendly app in a channel.
  • You may also paste a Calendly link into Slack without using the /Calendly shortcut for an enhanced link experience that shows your invitee details about the event. If you paste a Calendly link in Slack, but don’t see the event details, it may be because your Slack workspace has a setting that affects previews. Admins can update these settings to allow for link previews.

Notification Support in Slack

To get Calendly notifications in Slack, we currently recommend using our Zapier integration. More information can be found here.

How to uninstall Calendly from Slack

  1. In the Slack app directory, go to the Calendly app page (link) and select Remove app.

  2. When the pop-up message appears, select Remove app again to confirm.

If you change your mind after uninstalling, you can return to the Calendly app page in the Slack app directory to reinstall.

To learn more about our privacy policy and how Calendly for Slack uses your app data, visit the Permissions page