Calendly + Microsoft Teams Conferencing

More people are working from home than ever before, yet staying connected has never been more important. We’d like to do our part in helping you stay connected through these challenging times.

With that in mind, Calendly is offering the Microsoft Teams Conferencing integration for free, indefinitely.

Calendly Microsoft Teams Integration .png

Seamlessly add web conferencing to your event types when you connect Calendly and Microsoft Teams Conferencing.

In order to add Microsoft Teams Conferencing as the default location for your event types, you will need to have a Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365 Education account. Then when invitees book event with you, they'll automatically receive a link to join your Microsoft Teams Conference.

How to connect your Microsoft Teams Conferencing account

  1. Log into Calendly and navigate to your Integrations page.

  2. Select Microsoft Teams Conferencing.

  3. Follow the instructions to sign into your Microsoft Teams account, then select Next.

  4. To give Calendly permission to exchange information with your Microsoft Teams account, select Yes.

    • Note: we need this permission to complete the integration; you can later revoke those permissions at from Microsoft Teams settings.

How to set Microsoft Teams Conferencing as a location for an individual event type 

  1. From the Home page, select the event you want to edit.

  2. In the Event Details section, select Microsoft Teams Conferencing as the Location.

How to set Microsoft Teams Conferencing as a location for a team event type

  1. At the right top of the Home page, select the All teams view.

  2. Click the event type.

  3. Expand the Hosts & Invitees section.

  4. Under Location select Microsoft Teams Conferencing. If you're setting up a round robin event, select Microsoft Teams Conferencing as the location for each team member.

  5. If you're setting up a collective event:

    • Expand the Event details section.

    • At Microsoft Teams organizer, change the user (Microsoft Teams Conferencing uses the account belonging to the user who’s sending the event notification).

  6. Click Save & Close.

How to change which Teams account is connected.

When you are needing to change your Teams account integration, these steps are recommended:

  1. Disconnect the current Teams integration from your Integrations page.

  2. Once disconnected, there are two options:
    1. Clear your browser cache & cookies.
    2. Open an incognito browser window and log into to your Calendly account there.
  3. After you have cleared your cache & cookies/logged into Calendly within an incognito window, navigate to your integrations page to connect the new video conferencing account.

  4. Once the correct Teams account has been connected, we recommend scheduling a test event to ensure the new link is generated! 

NOTE: If you are needing to change the Teams link for an event that has already been scheduled, you will need to reschedule that event for the same date/time with the new Teams account integrated.

How your invitees can join your Microsoft Teams conference

When your invitees click on the link to join your conference, they can choose to download the Microsoft Teams application if they meet with you frequently. Guests and other invitees who need to immediately join your conference can click on Continue on this browser.