Create a Collective event for your team

Collective event types allow an invitee to schedule a time to meet with multiple members of your team simultaneously. These events are perfect for scheduling:

  • a sales call with an account executive and an SDR
  • a technical support call with a customer support rep and an engineer
  • interviews with a recruiter and a hiring manager

Before you begin...

  • Before you create your Collective team event type, you must first create your team. Please see this guide on how to set up a team page.
  • This guide covers how to create a Collective team event type. If you want to learn more about shared Collective event types, which do not require the creation of a team page, please see this guide. 

How to create a Collective team event

  1. From your Homepage, select the My Calendly drop-down menu and select the team you are looking to create a Collective event for.  

  2. On your team page, select Create and then Event type. 
  3. On the following page, select Choose Collective and add team members who will be involved in hosting this event.
  4. Enter the Event name, Event duration, then scroll down to the section labeled Location.
  5. Select the location for this event type, then you can assign which team member you would like to be recognized as the event organizer. Once you have done this, select Continue. 

How to specify when your team is available 

Once you have finalized event the details, you can then define the available hours for the team members that will be hosting this Collective event. Please read this guide to learn how to define the available hours for your team. 

Keep in mind that a Collective event will pool team members' availability and only show invitees times when all hosts are available. All hosts must be available in order for a time slot to show on the booking page. If any host is not available when the other hosts are, that time slot will not show as available. When an invitee schedules, all hosts are added to the calendar event.