One-off meetings

This article covers how to create a One-off Meeting. A One-off Meeting can be used to host a one-time, high priority meeting that doesn’t match your regular event types.

Before you begin...

  • If you plan to host your meeting over video, first connect your video conferencing platform on your Integrations page.

What is a One-off meeting?

One-off Meetings offer a quick and flexible way to host a one-time meeting that doesn't match your regular event type configurations. When you set up a One-off Meeting, you can use key event type settings like location, hosts, timing, and more.  

This type of meeting is useful when you need to:

    • quickly schedule a non-standard meeting with one or more hosts

    • offer your invitee times that fall outside of your regular availability

    • give a meeting higher priority over your existing meetings. 


A one-off meeting's date range cannot exceed 3 months.

How to create a one-off meeting

  1. From your Home page, select Create and then One-off Meeting.
    Create one off meeting step 1.gif

  2. From the Choose the times you want to offer page set the duration of the meeting from the drop-down menu under Duration. 

  3. Choose which schedule you would like to use to define your availability for this meeting from the drop-down menu beneath your account name.

    • Note: If you are part of a multi-user Calendly organization, you can add one or more additional hosts (up to 9) that are a part of your organization by typing their name into the box under Hosts. 

  4. Select the time slots that you would like to offer for this meeting from the calendar. By default, a 7-day view will be selected when viewing your upcoming availability for this meeting.

    Additional notes when choosing time slots:

    • When selecting a time slot that falls over a non-Calendly event you will see that it is overlapping but you can still select that time slot to offer for a high-priority meeting.


    • When selecting a time slot that falls outside of your available hours, you will see that it is outside of your schedule but you can still select that time slot to offer for a high-priority meeting.


    • If you want to quickly select all time slots (outside of any existing events) for a specific day, select Add all at the top of the day you wish to offer.


    • If applicable, the One-Off meetings date picker will now reflect the buffer and event in one large block. For example, a 30 minute before buffer and 30 minute Calendly meeting will appear as an hour long block of time in the date picker.

How to customize a one-off meeting

Once you set the duration, add any additional hosts, and select the desired time slots, you can further customize the One-off Meeting from the New one-off meeting page after selecting Next.

  1. From the Choose the times you want to offer page select Next.

  2. Under Meeting name select the box to edit the name of this meeting.

    • Note: The name of this meeting will not appear in the title of the calendar event that is created for this event. E.g. if you name this meeting “Quick Chat” that name will not appear on the calendar event. What will appear on the calendar event is [Invitee Name] and [Host Name]. The meeting name will be shown in the body of the invitation.

  3. Select the desired Location to set for this meeting.
    One-off meeting location.png

  4. If you need to edit the language that your invitee will see, select the drop-down menu under Invitee language to choose a new language.

  5. Select + Add description/instruction to add any additional information relevant to this meeting.

    Add one off meeting description.gif

Reserve times

To ensure that the time slots you selected remain available to book, select the slider button next to Reserve Times.

Toggle one-off meeting reserve times.gif

When enabled, Reserve Times will add placeholder events on your calendar and the calendars of any additional hosts to ensure that those time slots will not be filled before your invitee is able to book the One-off Meeting. 


Once your invitee books the meeting, all of the placeholder events placed on your calendar will be cleared and the time slot that was booked will create an event on your calendar and will appear under the Upcoming section on your Scheduled Events page.


The reserved times will be removed once the event is scheduled or the pending event is deleted. However the removal may take several minutes to process after the action is taken in the Calendly application.

If you need to clear these placeholder events prior to the invitee booking the meeting, follow these steps:

  1. From your Home page, select Scheduled Events and then Pending.
  2. Select Details next to the One-off Meeting.
  3. Select Clear reserved times to remove the placeholder events associated with this meeting and then Clear reservations

Clear one off meeting reserved times.gif

How to share a one-off meeting link

  1. From the Add your meeting details page select Publish meeting.

  2. To make this meeting more personalized, select the box after the scheduling URL and type to customize the last part of the scheduling link.


  3. To confirm the time slots you chose for this meeting before sharing the link with your invitee select Preview Availability.


  4. To paste the time slots for this meeting directly into an email, select Add times to email and then Copy to clipboard. Once copied, you can paste those times into an email and your invitee will be able to book directly from there.

  5. To simply copy the scheduling link for this meeting select Copy link.

Where to find a one-off meeting once it has been created

Once you create a One-off Meeting and share the scheduling link with your invitee, you can find the event under the Pending section on your Scheduled events page.


As soon as your invitee books the meeting, the event will move from the Pending section to the Upcoming section.


Can I use a One-off meeting to allow my invitee to schedule multiple events like a regular Event type?

No. A One-off Meeting can only be used to schedule a meeting once. After the meeting has been booked by your invitee, the scheduling link will expire so that this meeting cannot be booked again.

Can I apply Workflows to my One-off meeting? 

No. At this time, any Workflows that you create will only be applied to your regular event types. 

How will I be able to tell that Reserve Times are being taken into consideration on the booking page for my regular event types?

When you enable Reserve Times on a One-off Meeting, the time slots associated with the placeholder events will not be shown as available to invitees when they visit the booking page for your regular event type. You can use our Troubleshoot tool on your booking page to confirm that those time slots are not available to book due to a Reserved conflict code. You can read more about the Troubleshoot tool here.

Can I select specific time slots to clear when clearing Reserve Times instead of clearing them all at once? 

No. At this time, when you clear your Reserve Times from the Scheduled events page, all associated time slots will be cleared at once.