What to do when you're available but should be busy


This article outlines what to do if you are appearing as available when you should be busy. If you are appearing as available when you should be busy, we recommend reviewing the steps below to resolve this discrepancy.

Calendly is not reading busy events on my calendar.

When Calendly does not recognize an event on your personal calendar, we recommend the following steps:

1. Confirm that the calendar/sub-calendar in your Calendar Sync page matches the calendar/sub-calendar where the event is present.

2. Once you have confirmed the event in question is on a calendar that has been assigned to be checked for conflicts within your Calendar Sync page, you will then need to ensure that the event status within your personal calendar has been assigned as busy.


Articles below share examples of busy events depending on calendar type.

NOTE: If you have confirmed that the event is assigned with a busy status and the calendar/sub-calendar is within your Calendar Sync page, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

I added date specific hours to my Calendly availability.

If you are noticing discrepancies between the availability you created in Calendly and your scheduling link, the following steps should resolve the issue at hand:

1. If you set up your availability within your availability tab, confirm that you have assigned that schedule to the correct event type. In your availability tab, there is an Active On drop down menu on the upper left hand side. There you can confirm if the availability is active on your event.


NOTE: If you have date specific hours set within a Custom Hours set up and not to an availability schedule, this means that date specific hours would only be applied to the single event where they were added and not to all Calendly events. For further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our support team.