Outlook Plug-in FAQ

How Does the Plug-in Work?

The plug-in runs locally in the background of your computer. Therefore, both your computer and plug-in need to be running for your calendar to sync successfully.

What versions of Windows can use the plug-in?

The Outlook Plug-in is for Windows only and is not available for Mac. Calendly's Outlook desktop plug-in works with:

  • Outlook 2007 or later
  • Windows XP or newer

Calendly's Outlook plug-in is not compatible with Outlook versions downloaded from the Microsoft/Windows store. Outlook must be downloaded from your O365 account in order to be compatible with the Outlook plug-in. 

What is the difference between the Outlook plug-in and the Outlook add-in?

The Outlook plug-in connects your Outlook calendar directly to Calendly, to check for conflicts and add events. The plug-in is separate from the Outlook add-in, which allows you to access and share your scheduling links and availability from your Outlook toolbar.

How can I upgrade my version of Microsoft Office?

A recent Office 365 update may impact the functionality of Calendly's Outlook plug-in and Microsoft has issued a solution for this issue. If you are experiencing failures with the Outlook plug-in, please upgrade to the latest version of Office by following these steps.

1. From Microsoft Outlook's File menu, select Office Account.

2. In the Office Updates section, select Update Options, then select Update Now.

3. Let the update run, then reboot your PC.

If you continue to experience errors, please contact Calendly support and provide your current Microsoft version number.

Why am I available during Out of Office or Away events?

In your Outlook calendar, you can mark events as:

  • Free
  • Busy
  • Tentative
  • Working Elsewhere
  • Out of Office/Away

By default, Calendly will consider your Busy events as unavailable in Calendly, and your busy times won't show on your scheduling page.

If you would like for events with a status other than Busy to be considered unavailable, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit your Calendar sync page.
  2. Select Check for conflicts.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Check the options that Calendly should view as unavailable.
  5. Select Update.