Reference Calendly links as merge fields in Pardot emails


This article outlines steps for those using the Calendly Salesforce package (version 2.3 or higher) and have created a custom formula field on the Account object to look up a record owner's Calendly link. 

For additional information on how to create a custom formula field, check out this Help Center article: Dynamically referencing Calendly links in Salesforce email templates and buttons 


If you haven't already, you will need to install the Salesforce Pardot package into your Salesforce instance before proceeding with the steps listed below. To install the package, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.

Steps to setup
  1. From the App menu, search for Account Engagement Settings
  2. Select Object and Field Configuration.
  3. Select Account Fields
  4. Create a new Pardot Account custom field that syncs with the formula field previously created. 
  5. The Calendly link can then be used in your email templates by using the {{Recipient.Account.Calendly_Link__c}} merge field.