Troubleshooting routing from Pardot forms

This article contains common troubleshooting steps related to Calendly routing from Pardot forms.

I'm not seeing any forms to import.

Check out a common list of reasons why you're not seeing any forms to import below: 

  • You're using Pardot “form handlers” and not Pardot native forms.
  • The user you used to connect Salesforce is not a user in Pardot.
  • You are a user in Pardot, but do not have access to create or edit Pardot form templates.
  • The Pardot instance is not hosted on a custom domain. For example, is not a custom domain, but is.

I'm not seeing my form's fields.

I’ve connected Pardot and I was able to select a form to import, however, I am not seeing any of my form’s fields in Calendly.

  • In this case, you likely have Cloudflare and have added your Pardot domain to Cloudflare.
  • To resolve this, you'll need to whitelist the Pardot domain from Cloudflare.


Cloudflare requires you to be on a higher tier to do this.

I'm receiving a '403' status code error in Chrome when attempting to import my Pardot form into Calendly. What's causing this?

This error often occurs when using a demo Pardot form. For more detailed information about the limitations of demo Pardot forms, check out this article.