Routing from Pardot FAQs

This article contains frequently asked questions related to Calendly's routing from Pardot forms.

How does integrating my Pardot forms with Calendly impact my Pardot application?

In short, it does not. The Pardot forms + Calendly integration is designed to simply read your Pardot forms’ fields and leverage those field responses to direct the lead to the appropriate Calendly scheduling pop up. Your Pardot application and all other applications you use will not be impacted.

Does the Pardot forms integration work with hidden fields?

Yes. Users can build routes using responses collected in a hidden field.

Should I create a new user in Pardot to integrate Calendly?

No, it is not required to create a new user in Pardot to integrate with Calendly. If you do decide to create a new user in Pardot, ensure that the user is able to access Pardot Form Templates.

Will the answers to form questions get passed to the salesperson with whom the meeting is booked?

Yes, by virtue of the Pardot to Salesforce integration. Because Pardot forms are hosted in Pardot, the responses will automatically get sent to Salesforce.

How will analytics tracking on my form submissions be impacted?

With this integration, rather than the lead being redirected to another page, they will be shown a pop-up on the same page your form is embedded with the Calendly booking options. However, if you are tracking successful submissions by triggering something on a landing page, you will have to customize the confirmation page setting in your Event Type in Calendly to redirect successful bookings to an external URL vs. Calendly’s confirmation page. When selecting in the event type, simply paste the URL of the thank you page where your tracking lives and you’re all set!

Does the Pardot forms integration work with ‘form handlers’?

No. At this time, the Pardot forms integration only works with Pardot native forms. We have plans to allow for form handlers to work with this integration but don’t have a timeline on release.

Do I need to install a Salesforce Package for the Pardot forms integration to work?

No. The Calendly + Pardot forms integration does NOT impact your current Salesforce integration. Therefore you are NOT required to install, or re-install a Salesforce package.

When somebody submits my Pardot form, and the Calendly booking page pops up and they book a meeting, how can I redirect them to another page?

  1. Go to your event type in Calendly that leads are routed to.
  2. Go to Confirmation Page under Additional Options.
  3. Select to redirect to an external URL under On Confirmation.

More detailed steps can be found here.