How to embed a routing form

In addition to providing visitors with a direct link to your routing form, you can embed your routing form within a website. This article goes over steps for how to embed a Calendly routing form onto your website.

Note: To embed a Calendly routing form, you'll need to create a routing form. Check out this help center article for information on how to create a Calendly routing form: Getting started with routing forms

Step One: Generate a routing form embed code.

To embed a Calendly routing form, you'll first need to generate the code that you'll place on your website. To generate a routing form embed code:

  1. Navigate to the Routing Forms panel from your Calendly home page.
  2. Select Share to the right of the routing form you'd like to embed.
  3. Select Add to website.
  4. Select how you'd like to embed the routing form into your site.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Make any changes to your embed customization.
  7. Select Copy Code.

Step Two: Paste a routing form embed code onto your web site.

Once you've generated a routing form embed code, follow the steps below for instructions on how to paste that code within your website.

Note: The example below is for Google Sites. For additional information on other website providers, check out Embedding Calendly on your website.

  1. Open your web hosting platform.
  2. Select the Embed from the web panel (or your web provider's equivalent).
  3. Paste the routing form embed code.
  4. Select Save.