Select Different Calendars For Event Types

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    Hannah McIntosh

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for submitting this idea! While I don't have a target date on when we will offer different calendar connections per event type, I can share your suggestions with the team to discuss further.


    Hannah at Calendly

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    Jase Clamp

    I agree. 

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    Rebecca Sharkie

    Same here - it would be super valuable.

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    Carolina Retail Experts of Lee & Associates

    same here!!

    super helpful if possible

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    Business Growth Coach

    Please please implement this! Event types should be able to check against a conflict in any calendar or sub-calendar and book into any calendar or sub-calendar. We could do this before with another calendaring product and we're having to jump through hoops with Calendly and create extra users with extra calendars just to reproduce this functionality!

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    Stephen Newman (Modifié )

    This feature is so valuable and important.  When running multiple calendars for different clients - its important that the events land on the right calendar.  First for organizational reasons, but secondly to make sure one client's event doesn't show up on a different calendar.

    Ideally, when creating an event - select which calendar the event should be created to.  I realize that it means we will have to link to more than one calendar during setup.  

    Thanks - Stephen


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    Kara Schamell

    This is a NECESSARY feature. I'm a Care Coordinator for a team of clinicians. Each "event" is booking a visit with a different doctor, and I need appts to show up on their individual calendars, not one overarching calendar. Currently, all events pop up on the shared calendar, and then I have to manually move the appt over into the clinician's individual calendar. It's a critical extra step to make sure the right doctor sees the appt on their schedule, and more work = more room for error : / Please prioritize this feature! I'm SURE there's a demand for it beyond this small number of comments. 

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