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    ROTAIV community bike shop. (Edited )

    It should be mentioned in the post that this is a PRO-ONLY feature. Not available to free OR premium users. Personally, I won't be resubscribing to gain access to this feature but I'm not freelancing anymore so I'm no longer the target audience. I might be tempted to upgrade from premium to pro but probably not for this feature alone. Honestly surprised they didn't release this as a microtransaction, I'd probably throw them a few bucks as a one-time addon.

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    Kenneth Obel / goodcounsel

    You have to be a Pro level user to get color? After all this time?

    Not good.

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    Andrew Broadbent

    Tim - colours. amazing.

    Side note - we've been asking for a waitlist now for 2 plus years

    So have many others.

    What's happening?

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    Steven Paredes

    I get that you want to make your tool to look cool for the kids, but when can you actually provide upgrades that make sense. Like branding our company logo, and I am not talking about simply allowing a THUMBNAIL on each users account. This feature is what is keeping us from renewing the subscription to 15 licenses.

    Can your team comment on the lack of this functionality, and why it has not been considered for the last 3 years??

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    Eric Rounds

    I just upgraded to Pro, thinking it would NOT show the "Calendly" logo .branding - But it does and I can't figure out how to hide it.

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