Connection to Calendly from Activecampaign CRM

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    Timothy DaGraca (Edited )

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for posting on our community! Because our API does not allow for calls to be made where actions are triggered within Calendly from other apps, you are unable to cancel a meeting in Calendly from Activecampaign.

    On the other hand, though (and if not already,) you can trigger actions in Activecampaign using Zapier if you're on our Premium plan. For example, whenever a meeting is scheduled in Calendly, you can:

    • Create Campaigns or Deals
    • Add a Note to a Deal
    • Update a Deal
    • Add Contact Note
    • Create/Update Contact

    This works because Activecampaign's API allows for these actions to be triggered by other apps' triggers, such as Calendly's "Invitee.Created" or "Invitee.Canceled."

    I hope that helps!

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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