Option to change default reply-to email address?

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    Timothy DaGraca

    Hi @Client Success,

    You are able to change your reply-to email based on the invitee notification setting you have set up. With Calendly, there are two types of notifications: Email Confirmations & Calendar invitations.

    With Email Confirmations, Calendly sends the invitee an email notification which has a reply-to address that's associated with your Calendly login email. 

    With Calendar Invitations, your connected calendar sends the invitee a notification of the booked meeting which has a reply-to address that's associated with your connected calendar.

    If you're signed with Google, Office 365, or Outlook 365 Single Sign On, then please write a support ticket so that our team can dive in further. 

    If you're using a generic username and password, then you are able to change your login/reply-to via your Account Settings page.

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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