Two companies with two different emails for same person and one calendar

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    Tim DaGraca (Edited )

    Hi John,

    Thanks for posting here in our community! Because each Calendly account can only be tied to one login email, you'd need to set this person up with two different Calendly accounts both tied to the same calendar. 

    For example, Person 1 Has email X & Y, and calendar A.

    • Person 1: Signs up with email X, connects calendar "A"
    • Person 1: Signs up (again) with email Y, connects calendar "A"

    Also, it's helpful to know that depending on how your notifications are set up, the reply-to email associated with each account will be different. With Calendly, there are two types of notifications: Email Confirmations & Calendar invitations.

    With Email Confirmations, Calendly sends the invitee an email notification which has a reply-to address that's associated with your Calendly login email. 

    With Calendar Invitations, your connected calendar sends the invitee a notification of the booked meeting which has a reply-to address that's associated with your connected calendar. 

    I hope this helps!

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    True Synergy

    Will there ever be a time when one person with two companies and two different email accounts have ONE account and toggle between the two?  I would like to pay one fee instead of two.

    Also, thank you for allowing us to add a 2nd calendar!  Please let me know when we are able to add a third! That would be great!

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    Sarah Evers

    I agree: One user with two businesses ... it'd be great to be able to add my second business as a user and be able to toggle between the two without having to log in again.

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