What is included in the free plan?

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    Tim DaGraca (Edited )

    Hi Nastaran,

    Thanks for posting on our community! I think it's best to share some of the great things that are not included in the free plan (but are available on our Premium plan):

    • Ability to remove Calendly branding so the invitee experience is consistent with your brand
    • Unlimited Event Types so that you can offer different kinds of events (Coffee Chat vs. Demo) to your invitees
    • GoToMeeting/Zoom Integration to automatically add conference details/dial-ins to meetings
    • Customizable email notifications and reminders that help personalize your invitees' experience

    While the free plan is value-rich, there are quite a bit more features packed into our Premium plan. You can determine which plan works best for you on our Pricing page.

    Tim DaGraca
    Senior Product Specialist
    The Calendly Team

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    Elena Lapina

    Hi Tim, I have the same question and you didn't really answer that question in your reply. Where can I find information on what is included in the free plan. I want to know exactly what the difference is. 

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    Matthew Luisier


    I just checked out the pricing page (link above) because I had the same question. That page has a side-by-side comparison of all the plans and what is included in each! Hope this helps :-)

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    Elena Lapina

    Thanks Matthew, yes I clicked on the link after I posted my comment. It does help! :-) At first I assumed it was the same page as what I saw on the account. But it's a different page. Not sure why they don't display this in the actual account so it is more transparent and visible. 

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