Track the source from which the customer makes the appointment

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    Vanessa Triplett

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out! If your goal is to track the source or medium for newly scheduled events, you can do so by including UTM parameters. Take a look here to find out how to set this up. 

    Happy Scheduling! 

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    Calendly Sandbox

    Yeah... this doesn't help people who have multiple campaigns pointing to one landing page. If I were to create a landing page for each Calendly widget in order to set up individual UTM parameters for every campaign, medium, and source variable as suggested by Calendly I would need multiple permutations of pages for every campaign. In Unbounce terms, that's quite a few landing pages. 

    God forbid I ever want to make a change, I would have to individually change each landing page and Calendly event. 


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