Possibility to change the 1st day of the week to Monday




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    Hannah McIntosh

    Hello Thomas,

    Thank you for submitting this idea! While I don’t have a target date on when we will offer localized weeks to start on Monday, I can share your suggestions with the team to discuss further.

    Hannah at Calendly

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    Jennifer Vergara San Martin (Edited )

    I need the same thing. My clients get confused with Sunday as first day of the week. There is a lot of countries where the first day is Monday.

    It would be very useful to know exactly when you'll offer that alternative.

    Meanwhile, I'll stop paying for your services.

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    Adrià Cabestany de Yogansun.com

    Yes, my clients get the same problem :(

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    Andy Coley

    Yep, I would really like the choice as to the first day of the week, all my other calendars start with Monday - the start of my week, splitting weekends is very confusing for all of us.

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    Oakmead Clinic

    I echo everything that's been said.  Weeks start on a Monday in the UK.  Other calendar tools offer this.

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    Tobias Steinbrecher

    Any updates on this?

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    Arthur de Tennis Agency

    Any updates on this?

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    Therese Konstig

    Any updates on this? :-) 

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    You product is nice. Clean and simple. But this knocked me out. What is the point to add different languages if you don't recognise standards, which used by the most of countries?

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