Connecting multiple calendar platforms



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    Kendall Berger

    Hi Kurt,

    At this time, the only way Apple allows you to add your iCloud calendar to Google is via the calendar URL. While this allows you to view your iCloud events in your Google calendar account, these events are under a subscribed calendar. This means you can not make changes to the events in your iCloud calendar through Google calendar. 

    Calendly is only able to read events on calendars that you have editing permissions to (which excludes subscribed calendars). Therefore, adding your iCloud calendar to your Google calendar will not allow Calendly to read both of them. You would either need to use our teams workaround or migrate your events to one platform that your Calendly account can connect to.

    Kendall Berger
    Senior Product Specialist

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    Darren Mass (Edited )

    Please add support to allow a single user to link multiple calendars to one account. More often these days, people use a work and google calendar to manage their lives. Paying for two users and building a team is currently the only way to make multiple calendar support function. This should simply be an included feature of the pro level subscription.

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