Feature Request-Prevent Multiple Bookings/Restrict Email Address




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    Kendall Berger

    Hi John,

    You can use our Calendly for Chrome extension to generate single-use links. This will allow you to send your candidates a link to schedule time with you, and they will only be able to book one appointment since the link will no longer be valid after the first booking. Check out this video on how to use our extension!

    You are also able to generate a single-use link from your events on your Event Types page:

    At this time, you are not able to block specific people from scheduling time with you. However, if you use our single-use links to invite candidates to book interviews and do not send these links to rejected candidates, then only the candidates you want to schedule will, especially if you make your event types secret!

    Kendall Berger
    Senior Product Specialist

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    Mike Meck (Edited )

    Not answered - doesn't solve the issue.  If someone already has access to any other links they can still use them.

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