Calendly with Office 365 German Cloud



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    Vanessa Triplett

    Hi Peter,

    Microsoft has a specific endpoint for German users that we do not connect to at this time, we recommend using our Outlook plug-in for Windows PC. You can see an overview of our plug-in requirements: Getting started with the Outlook Desktop Plug-in 

    Happy Scheduling! 

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    Peter Langheinrich

    When authenticating against Microsoft services, there are 2 Options (I only see the German texts so I will try to translate):

    1. Personally created account: A connection to an account is established. It is in fact an old account I don‘t use anymore.

    2. Account was provided by the IT department: This should be the correct choice as my Office 365 account is a business account multiple users are working with. After authentication, the following message appears: „422 Unprocessable Entity. The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed due to semantic errors“.

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    Peter Langheinrich

    Hi Vanessa,

    I am a Mac user and therefore cannot use PC Outlook. Is there any alternative (besides iCloud connect - iCloud is not capable of holding external calendars)?


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